Booking forms

House information and booking (11 February 2024)
Campsite information and booking (23 March 2023)

Archery information and booking (10 June 2024)
Campfire Experience/Campfire Singing booking (23 March 2023)
Woodland Skills information and booking (23 March 2023)
Skills Builders, UMAs and badge help – information and booking (23 March 2023)

Visit House – non-residential information and booking (23 March 2023)
Visit Grounds – non-residential information and booking (23 March 2023)

Event booking forms

Archery GB: Instructor Course (event on 13 & 14 April 2024)
Friends Spring Lunch Booking Form (event on 17 April, 12 for 12.30pm, open to all)

Payment form

All-in-one payment form (23 March 2023)
To help calculate the balance you owe at the end of your visit or stay – all elements are included on this one form.

  • We consider our fees and revise them if necessary once a year to take effect from the beginning of each year.
  • Please make sure, especially if you are booking a long time in advance, that you have understood the correct fees for your booking according to the table on the Fees page.
  • Note that the fee payable will be as specified for the period of the actual booking.

Other forms

Become a Friend of the Jarman Centre (5 May 2024)
JC lottery flyer 2024 (Lottery Information and Membership Form, updated 5 March 2024)
Donation and Gift Aid Form combined (23 March 2023)