Over 350 volunteers help out!

Employee Volunteering first began their partnership with the Jarman Centre in 2017 and have since delivered 12 volunteering days with a further two taking place this spring and summer.

Representatives from the organisation gave a very interesting talk at the recent Friends’ Spring Lunch. Do take a look at the pdf summary: EV-JC presentation.

New recycling and waste collections

From 1 October 2022 we have moved to a new commercial collection so if you are coming to the Jarman Centre here are your new simple guidelines!

Non-recyclable waste and food waste goes in the black-lidded bin
All non-recyclable waste must be bagged, securely fastened, and not leaking. Food waste must be double bagged.

Recycling goes in the red-lidded bin
Compact or flatten your clean and dry recycling so that it all fits in the red-lidded bin, with the lid shut. You can recycle clean glass and clean Tetra-pack cartons. Do not use bags of any description.

Please sort your waste correctly and do not leave any beside the bins as it will not be collected and you will incur a surcharge after your visit. The bin store is there ONLY for overflow waste and recycling.

And please take internet shopping delivery crates/boxes away with you.

Thank you!

The ‘Wish you were here!’ challenge is still available

Are you missing that trip to the Jarman Centre with your friends?

We know it is still difficult to arrange a sleepover or camp with any kind of certainty and so Girlguiding Cambridgeshire East’s virtual sleepover – Wish you were here – remains available.

The fantastic challenge pack is full of the sort of activities you would usually do while at the Jarman Centre, but which you can also do at home or in a unit or Zoom setting.

  • Why not try and complete at least one activity from each of the six themes: Archery, Sensory, Ned the Horse, Stargazing, Outdoors and Staying Overnight.
  • Get ready for the Sleepover: build your den indoors or pitch a tent in your garden, to sleep anywhere other than in your bed!
  • Have a go at making one of the treats from the campfire cookbook and join us on the youtube channel for a campfire at 6pm led by Sue and local members.

You can download the challenge booklet and campfire cookbook here: https://jarmancentre.org.uk/downloads/useful-information

As with any good challenge there is a badge! It costs £1.50 plus p&p with proceeds in aid of the Jarman Centre. An order form is included in the challenge booklet, plus there is a single page stand-alone form on the above webpage. You can also use the online shop order form especially if you need to order other shop items at the same time.

We look forward to seeing lots of photos of you taking part in the challenge on social media using #Jarmancentre2021. Please remember parental permission when sending photos of under 18s.