How to book

    1. Check on our availability calendar that what you want is potentially available – either House, CampsitesDay and Evening visits to the House, or Day and Evening visits to the Grounds.
      Please note that some bookings can affect availability elsewhere at the Centre. We put as much detail as we can onto the calendar but it is not always possible to reflect the complete situation.
    2. Check the fees for your proposed booking.
    3. Use the relevant Availability page to send us an enquiry.
    4. We will email an acknowledgement and, providing that you have entered a definite date and request, we will also make a provisional booking for you at this point.
    5. To confirm your booking, fill in the relevant full booking form and send it to us with the deposit.
      •   If you are sending a cheque, it should accompany the booking form.
      •   If you are paying online, the form may be sent by email (our bank details are on the form).
      •   If you need an invoice to pay on, please ask.
      Your confirmed booking will be acknowledged by an email, which is also a receipt for your deposit.
    6. Provisional bookings must be confirmed within 28 days. After that time we may cancel an unconfirmed booking, but we will usually warn you that we are about to do so.
      Please note that a booking is not confirmed until we have received your deposit.
    7. Deposits for House bookings (Ground Floor and Whole House) may be paid in 2 instalments, half with the booking form and half 6 months before your arrival date. All other deposits are payable with the booking form.
      All deposits are non-refundable.
    8. Small amounts, eg for booking an evening visit to the grounds, may be paid in full with the booking form if this is easier. If you have to cancel we will retain only the amount of the deposit.
    9. You may add an activity (eg archery) to your booking either when you first book or later; if you have not already sent it, you will be asked for the separate form and deposit once an instructor has been allocated.

The balance of your fees is due 1 week after your departure date. Please calculate the amount due on the payment form (new from 2017) and send it to us with your cheque. If you are paying online the form may be sent by email.
Each payment you make will trigger an email receipt; there will not be an overall receipt at the end.