The Jarman Centre is an ideal venue for unit residential holidays and camps, or a day in the woodland.

We also welcome units and groups who would like to help with conservation projects.

The House

You can book either the Ground Floor or the Loft, or the Whole House if numbers require it. There is a minimum charge for 32 people per night for whole-house bookings, and a minimum booking of 2 nights at the weekend for the Ground Floor. The Loft may be booked at any time for an overnight stay from around 4pm to 4pm.

The Ground Floor is suitable for 15 (minimum charge) to 31 people (24 youngsters + 7 adults):

  • 4 bedrooms each sleeping 6 in bunks
  • 2 bathrooms each with 2 showers, 2 WCs and 3 washbasins
  • 2 en-suite bedrooms with showers for leaders, sleeping 4 + 3
  • Large hall with tables and chairs for up to 50, and a snug area with log burner stove
  • Smaller room with sink suitable for separate activities
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Fully accessible wet room
  • Laundry room

The Loft is suitable for 6 (minimum charge) to 19 people:

  • 2 carpeted rooms with tables, chairs and mattresses, sleeping up to 12 + 7 or 11 + 8 respectively
  • Equipped kitchenette with sink, fridge-freezer, 2 combination microwaves, 2 6-litre slow cookers, toaster, 2 kettles, crockery and cutlery
  • 2 shower rooms, each with WC and washbasin
  • 1 separate WC and washbasin


The campsites can be booked separately or together. There is a central disposal point for chemical toilets and a hay box for campers’ use is stored at the back of the house.

The Solid Shelter provides facilities that are shared between all groups on site. Attached to it there are six toilets, four hot-water basins and two showers. One of the cubicles, with toilet and basin, is wheelchair-accessible. Starting supplies of toilet rolls and handwash are provided – please leave some for the group following you. We recommend that you bring a lat/chemical toilet for night-time use.


  • Oaks campsite is suitable for up to 18 people
  • Water supply and paved fireplace with altar fire


  • Beeches campsite is suitable for up to 36 people, either as one camp or two linked smaller camps
  • Water supply and 2 paved fireplaces with altar fires


  • Sycamores campsite is suitable for Patrols using lightweight tents
  • Paved fireplace with altar fire, nearest water supply at the Beeches end of Sycamores


  • Firs campsite is suitable for up to 40 people, either as one camp or two linked smaller camps
  • 2 paved fireplaces with altar fires, nearest water supply at the Beeches end of Sycamores


The Woodland is suitable for wide games, Unit and District Activity Days, sausage suppers and children’s birthday parties, etc., and may be booked by the hour.

  • 2 Campfire circles
  • 3 Trampolines
  • 2 Barbecues
  • 7 Patrol cooking bases (between the main campfire circle and the log store)
  • Tracking and orienteering courses

NB: Use of Portable Barbecues
Portable barbecues in foil trays get VERY HOT.  Use them with care and only under careful supervision, and ALWAYS put them on the stone slabs or grids that we provide at the campfire circles, barbecues, altar fires and patrol cooking bases.  It is dangerous to put them on wood (which will catch fire); grass (which will burn a hole) or our plastic benches and barbecue shelves (which will melt!).

General Information

  • There is parking for up to 30 vehicles, including 2 disabled spaces opposite the house.
  • Activities and Games Equipment, that can be used by both house residents and campers at no extra cost, is stored in a large shed on the main drive that is accessible to all.
  • The Jarman Centre fees can be viewed here.

Recycling and Waste

  • Do not bury cans or rubbish. Pits are not allowed.
  • All non-recyclable waste must be bagged, securely fastened, and not leaking.
    Food waste must be double bagged. Place these in the black-lidded bin by the entrance gate.
  • Compact/flatten your clean and dry recycling so that it all fits in the red-lidded bin, with the lid shut. You can recycle clean glass and clean Tetra-pack cartons.
  • If the bins are full put your waste and recycling in the overflow bin store.
  • Please sort your waste correctly and do not leave any beside the bins as it will not be collected and you will incur a surcharge after your visit.
  • And please take internet shopping crates/boxes away with you.

Instructor-led Activities

These activities are available as separate activities or as part of your residential or camping stay. To book please download the relevant booking form.