Campers, please note the following points:

Site care

  • Make sure that taps are always properly turned off
  • Don’t pick the wild flowers or pull up any plants (except ragwort, nettles, brambles or privet within the campsite areas)
  • Observe the Country Code
  • Download the Jarman Centre Risk Assessment

Site rules

  • Quiet period is from 10pm to 7am
  • No firearms, air weapons or metal detectors may be used
  • Keep to our boundaries – see map
  • Dogs are not allowed


  • There are two campfire areas – please negotiate with the people in the house over their use
  • Do not light fires on the ground anywhere on site – please use the paved bases, campfire areas or altar fires
  • Dead wood on the ground may be used for fires – but please do not burn our ‘bugs hotel’, or other piles of logs that look as if they might be there for the wild life, or logs that have been put out as seating
  • Trees must not be cut down nor branches removed
  • Please protect our newly planted trees and our beeches, oaks, silver birches etc.
  • NB: Portable barbecues in foil trays get VERY HOT.  Use them with care and only under careful supervision, and ALWAYS put them on the stone slabs or grids that we provide at the campfire circles, barbecues, altar fires and patrol cooking bases.  It is dangerous to put them on wood (which will catch fire); online pharmacy no prescription grass (which will burn a hole) or our plastic benches and barbecue shelves (which will melt).

Striking camp

  • Remove all pegs, dismantle pioneering structures and leave the site clean and tidy
  • If used, return the hay box to the back of the house
  • Return any picnic tables, fire buckets etc to their correct location
  • Remove all food from the freezer; make sure it is clean; do not switch it off
  • Sweep out the solid shelter and put the trolley back inside
  • Clean the toilets and the wash cubicles
  • Lock all doors (and gate if you are last to leave the Centre) and return the keys to the Warden

Recycling and Waste

  • Do not bury cans or rubbish. Pits are not allowed.
  • All non-recyclable waste must be bagged, securely fastened, and not leaking.
    Food waste must be double bagged.
    Place these in the black-lidded bin by the entrance gate.
  • Compact/flatten your clean and dry recycling so that it all fits in the red-lidded bin, with the lid shut. You can recycle clean glass and clean Tetra-pack cartons.
  • If the bins are full put your waste and recycling in the overflow bin store.
  • Please sort your waste correctly and do not leave any beside the bins as it will not be collected and you will incur a surcharge after your visit.
  • Take internet shopping delivery crates/boxes away with you.