If you (as a customer) wish to have wi-fi access while you are at the Jarman Centre, please email the Booking Secretary not more than 28 days before your arrival date to ask for the current password. By asking for a password, you are accepting the conditions below and agreeing to pay the fee:

  1. Passwords will only be issued to an adult (18 years or over), normally the group leader.
  2. That adult is responsible for ensuring that no inappropriate material is seen by anyone under 18 years of age, and that no one in the group is put at risk.
  3. You must not do anything that breaks copyright rules or is in any other way unlawful.
  4. All use of the internet or other wi-fi access such as for email is at your own risk. We (Jarman Centre Management Committee or our service provider Integra Telecommunications Ltd) take no responsibility for or control over your access for security, confidentiality or virus protection.
  5. We will not examine your access to internet services except for the purposes of managing the facility, or unless we are required to do so by law enforcement agencies.

The fee is per single group booking:
£5 for non-residential day booking or overnight
£10 for weekend (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon)
£15 for 3-7 days
Longer booking by negotiation