Campfire Singing

If you are not confident with singing in front of a group we can arrange a campfire session for you, which can be tailored to the theme of your visit, with singing for about an hour, and for any age group. We offer two options:

1   Campfire Experience

We build your fire, lead the singing and finish off with toasting marshmallows or similar. We provide two campfire leaders. The fee includes use of one of the campfire circles for an hour and a half. If yours is a non-residential visit you may extend your stay by booking additional time on site.

2   Campfire Singing

We provide one campfire leader who will run a singing session for an hour. If you wish to have a fire your session must take place at one of the campfire circles and you will need to build and tend the fire yourself. However, purely singing sessions may also take place in the House or elsewhere in the Grounds.

Other information

We have a CD of Campfire Singing at £5, available in the shop.
You should also refer to the Campfires Risk Assessment.

How to Book

Please refer to the Fees section for the cost of these sessions and then direct your enquiry to the Booking Secretary, before completing the booking form. Please give as much notice as possible.

Please give the approximate size of your group. If it is more than 50, we may need to send an extra leader (and the fee will be greater).