House residents, please note the following points:


  • All groups need to bring soap, toilet rolls, washing-up liquid, tea towels, matches, oven gloves and cleaning materials, however short their stay
  • There is no resident warden and we rely on each group to leave the house as they would hope to find it; the house is checked after each group
  • There is a range of souvenirs for sale, many at pocket-money prices
  • Download the Jarman Centre Risk Assessment

House rules

  • Soft shoes or sandals should be worn in the building
  • Smoking is not permitted in the house
  • Please do not use Blu Tack on the walls; there are plenty of notice boards
  • No dogs are allowed in the house, except for assistance dogs
  • Food, sweets and drinks are not allowed in the dormitories
  • Vehicles must be parked in the car park at the top of the drive or in the bays either side of the drive, to leave access clear for emergency vehicles

Arrival and departure times

  • Normally during the week you should arrive after 2 pm on the first day of your booking and leave by midday on the last day.
  • At weekends you should arrive after 2 pm on Friday and leave by 5 pm on Sunday.
  • If you wish to vary your arrival or departure times you should indicate this on your booking form; it will be allowed, as long as there is no other group booked immediately before or immediately after you.
  • If such a booking is received later than yours, but still more than 3 months before your start date, we reserve the right to ask you to adjust your timing to accommodate it. This happens occasionally during school holidays.

Recycling and Waste

  • Do not bury cans or rubbish. Pits are not allowed.
  • All non-recyclable waste must be bagged, securely fastened, and not leaking.
    Food waste must be double bagged.
    Place these in the black-lidded bin by the entrance gate.
  • Compact/flatten your clean and dry recycling so that it all fits in the red-lidded bin, with the lid shut. You can recycle clean glass and clean Tetra-pack cartons.
  • If the bins are full put your waste and recycling in the overflow bin store.
  • Please sort your waste correctly and do not leave any beside the bins as it will not be collected and you will incur a surcharge after your visit.
  • Take internet shopping delivery crates/boxes away with you.


Please note that the answers to the most frequently-asked-questions concerning the building and its equipment, which may arise from unfamiliarity with the Centre, can be found in the blue ‘Useful Information’ folder (there is one in the Main Hall on the Ground Floor and one in the Galley (kitchen) in the Loft).

Please consult this before ‘calling out the Cavalry’! Emergency contact numbers are posted inside the phone cupboard in the Lobby.