This calendar is for day or evening visits to the House

Please note that you may book the Ground Floor alone, or the Loft (upstairs) alone, or the two together as the Whole House.

The Jarman Centre fees can be viewed here.

Using this calendar

  • Please select the correct calendar from the drop-down menu: Ground Floor, Loft or Whole House.
  • Red shows a booking for the whole day so the date is not available.
  • White shows there is no booking, so the date is available.
    Click on your desired date.
    This will enable the ‘Enquire’ button underneath the calendar.
    Enter your details and then click ‘Submit’ to make your enquiry.
  • Orange shows there is a booking for some of the day, so the times you want may be available.
    Click on your desired date and if the times that you want appear, they may be available.
    Enter your details on the Enquiry form and then click ‘Submit’.
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