New recycling and waste collections

From 1 October 2022 we have moved to a new commercial collection so if you are coming to the Jarman Centre here are your new simple guidelines!

Non-recyclable waste and food waste goes in the black-lidded bin
All non-recyclable waste must be bagged, securely fastened, and not leaking. Food waste must be double bagged.

Recycling goes in the red-lidded bin
Compact or flatten your clean and dry recycling so that it all fits in the red-lidded bin, with the lid shut. You can recycle clean glass and clean Tetra-pack cartons. Do not use bags of any description.

Please sort your waste correctly and do not leave any beside the bins as it will not be collected and you will incur a surcharge after your visit. The bin store is there ONLY for overflow waste and recycling.

And please take internet shopping delivery crates/boxes away with you.

Thank you!